November 2012 Texas Auction Academy Graduating Class

NOVEMBER 2012 TEXAS AUCTION ACADEMY CLASS(Bottom Row, L to R): Kim Duncan, Mt. Vernon, IL; Victoria Lippman, Round Rock, TX; Natalie Lederle, Huntington, IN; Shelby Fullenwider, Austin, TX; Sheri Reading, Albuquerque, NM; Selena Lott, Purvis, MS; Michelle Faucon, Houston, TX (Row 2, L to R): Joseph Mulcahy III, Poway, CA; Chris Ann Lee, Lindale, TX; Maggie Thomas, Sulphur Springs, TX; Bill Burch, Arlington, TX; James Minix, Henderson, TN; Johnny Horton, Amarillo, TX; Ron Ayres, Tyler, TX; Montie Davis, Instructor; Lori Jones, School Administrator; Mike Jones, School Director (Row 3, L to R): Gregg Taylor, Brandon, MS; Bruce King, Webster, TX; Micah Dene, Houston, TX; Steve Berry, Granbury, TX; Duane Swenk, Sparta, NC; Del Robinette, Prosper, TX; Jay Palmisano, Annapolis, MD; Matthew Clark, Golden, CO (Top Row L to R): Richard Jumper, San Angelo, TX; Scott Droddy, Silsbee, TX; Monty Long, Capron, OK; Roger Ward, Crosby, TX; Dallas Denson, Fresno, TX; Lyn Bogle, Center, CO; Dillon Trammell, Mountainburg, AR; Brady Hill, Arp, TX.

JUNE 2012 – TEXAS AUCTION ACADEMY CLASS(Bottom Row, L to R): Luanne Stout, Arlington, TX; Cathy Routh, Bakersfield, CA; Shirley Hudley, Killeen, TX; Taylor Weaster, Houston, TX; JiaWen “Paris” Wang, Plano, TX; Wendi Doyle, DeQuincy, LA; Stefanie Brannan, Victoris, TX; Corrina Pauldine, Oswego, NY; Allison Cuvillier, Houston, TX; Cheri Boots-Sutton, Instructor; (Row 2, L to R): Doak Lambert, Instructor; Scott Swenson, Instructor; Cody Schulze, Burton, TX; Paul “Doochie” Fleming, Kerrville, TX; Brandt Stevens, Sweetwater, TX; A.J. Hussain, Grand Prairie, TX; David Woodward, Grand Junction, CO; Don P. Anderson, Bells, TX; Brian Rose, Coldwater, KS; Eric Lemmons, Abilene, TX; Dave Rose, Salina, KS; Juan Hernandez, Robinson, TX; Montie Davis, Instructor; Lori Jones, School Administrator; Mike Jones, School Director (Row 3, L to R): Earl Delp, Yukon, OK; Jimmy Page, Bonham, TX; Sterling McCool, Madison, MS; Karlyle Hemming, Wichita Falls, TX; Murtala Aminu, Abuja, Nigeria; Doug Adams, Denver, CO; Jesse Coleman, El Dorado Springs, MO; Gary Bussell, Starks, LA; Madison “Maddy” Freeman, Tulsa, OK; Jamal Sadoun, Houston, TX (Top Row L to R): Webster Bailey, Houston, TX; Matt McKinley, Big Sandy, TX; Wayne Fabian, Monahans, TX; Larry Scott, Terrell, TX; Dylan McGee, Albertville, AL; Travis Begley, Lubbock, TX; Reggie Brooks, Dexter, NM; Miles Zimmerman, Chandler, OK; Marshall Green, Weatherford, TX; Michael Meyer, El Paso, TX; Jerry Fountain, Center, TX.

MARCH 2012 – TEXAS AUCTION ACADEMY CLASS(Bottom Row, L to R): Jesse Choi, Houston, TX; Rely Pio Roda, Napa, CA; Heather Nagy, Watauga, TX; Melva Salinas Faucon, Irving, TX; Frances Hodgkins, Seabrook, TX; Audrey Smith, Granbury, TX; Cherlyn Sutton, St. Joseph, MO; Cheri Sutton, Instructor; Luis Arce, Houston, TX (Row 2, L to R): Doak Lambert, Instructor; Dwane Jones, Heath, TX; Joel Randolph, Keatchi, LA; Lawrence Mazza, Niagara Falls, NY; Terry May, Hot Springs, AR; Aaron Parker, Granbury, TX; Aaron Corbin, Crowley, TX; Jim Bennett, Bastrop, LA; Scott Fairman, Monroe, LA; Felix Barreras III, San Antonio, TX; Scott Swenson, Instructor; Lori Jones, School Administrator; Mike Jones, School Director (Row 3, L to R): Steve Lowe, Bossier City, LA; J. Daniel Burnett, Tyler, TX; Don Godfrey, East Berlin, PA; Adam Lewis, Forney, TX; Scott Stalder, Muenster, TX; James Fanselow, Terrell, TX; Shawn Schoch, Denton, TX; Dwight Tankersley, Hartselle, AL; Montie Davis, Instructor; Ricky Shelley, Van Horn, TX (Top Row L to R): Ron Francis, Canyon, TX; Jay Shearer, Sulphur Springs, TX; Mark Gesch, Round Rock, TX; Rollin Alford, Crossett, AR; Harold Lotz, Bridgeport, TX; Clay Pitts, Springtown, TX; Bobby Rosales, Clovis, NM; John Cameron, Spring, TX; Thomas Bell, New Boston, TX.

Texas Auction Academy Instructors and Graduates attend Certified Auctioneers Institute

Texas Auction Academy Instructors and Graduates attend Certified Auctioneers Institute - CAI Next Program, March 18-21 at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Photo Caption: Front Row (Left to Right), Shawn Terrel, MO, Phillip Gableman, NY, Jim Graves, TN. Second Row (Far Right) Tom Patterson, TX. Third Row (L to R) Jason Wallingford, IL, (Far Right) Mike Jones, TX. Not pictured, Michael Rogers, NC.

April 2, 2012 (DALLAS, Tx.) – Several graduates of the Texas Auction Academy and auctioneers who practice their trade under the United Country Real Estate flag attended the National Auctioneers Association’s Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) Next course. The program took place at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., from March 18 through 20.

“This year’s CAI: Next program provided auction professionals the opportunity to evaluate their strengths as business leaders, their company’s areas of opportunities to meet the growing demand for their services, and how to enhance their competitive advantages in the marketplace,” said Michael R. Avery, director of education for the National Auctioneers Association. “Additionally, CAI: Next participants enjoyed several networking opportunities with each other and participants of CAI I, II and III.”

The lead instructor for the program was Professor Ann Bastianelli, senior lecturer of Marketing for the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Throughout her career, she has been part of creating many successful marketing campaigns, including Kellogg’s Raisin Bran’s 2 Scoops of Raisins, The Talking Parkay Margarine tub, Leggo My Eggo Waffles, McDonald’s Happy Meals and Dow Bathroom Cleaner’s Scrubbing Bubbles. For the past ten years, Bastianelli has taught Marketing at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, which is currently ranked among the top ten business schools in the country.

“After thirty three years in the auction profession and a 1993 Graduate of the Certified Auctioneers Institute, I have never been so impressed with a continuing education program,” said Mike Jones, president of Texas Auction Academy and United Country Auction Services. “The curriculum is outstanding and the instructors are the cream of the crop.”

This is only the second time this advanced course has been offered to CAI-certified auctioneers, and it offered attendees unique graduate-level materials that are customized differently each time the program is offered.

“CAI: Next is a very special program exclusively for CAI graduates,” said Avery. “Every time it is offered, the program will be created from scratch as the last two have been. So, if you miss it, it will never be offered again. The NAA Education Institute Trustees envision holding this class every five-year anniversary of the course. It is the intention of the trustees to hold the next CAI: Next in 2016 at the CAI 40th anniversary.”

“I cannot imagine anyone who is truly serious about a career in the auction or real estate auction profession passing on the opportunity to attend these classes,” said Jones. “That is why some of the world’s most accomplished auctioneers come together each year to Indiana University. By not attending, you are cheating yourself and your clients out of invaluable industry insight. You can bet I am planning on being at future CAI: Next programs when they are offered again and I will whole heartedly encourage all of Texas Auction Academy graduates and United Country auctioneers to attend as well.”

About Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI)

Established in 1975, the Certified Auctioneer Institute is the most revered professional designation an Auctioneer can acquire. Commonly referred to as CAI, the program focuses on developing the skills required to operate a successful auction firm and business.
CAI designees pride themselves on being a part of an extraordinary network of professional Auctioneers who possess the knowledge and skills needed to provide their clients with outstanding services. The CAI designation communicates to attorneys, trust officers, government officials, accountants and others affiliated with the auction industry that the CAI Auctioneer is committed to continuing education and is dedicated to professionalism and excellence in the auction profession.

About United Country

United Country Real Estate is the largest fully integrated network of conventional and auction real estate professionals in the United States. Based in Kansas City, Mo., the company has been an innovator in real estate marketing since 1925. United Country supports nearly 550 offices across the U.S., Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico, with a unique, comprehensive marketing program that includes one of the largest portfolios of property marketing websites (more than 3,000 separate sites with aggregate traffic of approximately 3 million visitors per month), multiple proprietary real estate catalogs with a cumulative distribution of 1.5 million readers, an extensive, current buyer database and national advertising of properties that reaches more than 90 million homes per week. United Country has recently been recognized by, The Land Report, Entrepreneur and The Wall Street Journal as one of the top U.S. real estate companies.

LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Auctions have always fascinated me and scared me at the same time. When I’m at an auction the fast paced chant is exciting and it makes you fell like you need in on the action. At the same time I am scared if I move wrong someone is going to think I placed a bid on something I can’t afford. In today’s Through the Lens I went to the Texas Auction Academy in Lewisville to learn more about the auction business and just what the heck the auctioneer is saying.

People from all over the country come here because this is one of the best auctioneer schools in the country. What was neat was that they came in every age and all walks of life as well. There was a girl 17 years old who decided a few months ago to follow in her mothers footsteps and become and auctioneer. Her mother is an instructor at the Texas Auction Academy and a former state and national champion auctioneer. I didn’t even know there was such a competition.

On the flip side there was a 79 year old woman who owns a mini ranch and wants to auction off her animals. She came to learn about the auction business. They tell me there is a lot more to auctioneering than talking fast and getting the bid. They learn the legal part of the business and learn about the different areas of auctions like real estate and cattle as well as art and everyday items.

Listening to them chant tongue twisters as a group is funny too but it is all so that when they get up to sell something they don’t waste time doing it. I’m just trying to figure out why Betty bought a batch of bitter butter?

USA Today Article (click here to view)

Congratulations to Justin Swisher, Richmond, VA named the 2012 Virginia Rookie Auctioneer Champion at the Virginia Auctioneers Association Annual Convention held January 13-15, 2012 at the Omni Hotel, Charlottesville, VA. We are very proud to announce Justin also was awarded the prestigious Morris Fannon Auction School Scholarship. Mr. Fannon, a founding member of the VA Auctioneers Association, was a mentor to many young auctioneers and is a member of the National and VA Auctioneering Associations, the VA Beef Industry and VA Livestock Hall of Fame. Justin is a March 2011 Graduate of the Texas Auction Academy and member of both the National and Virginia Auctioneers Associations. He specializes in real estate and benefit auctions. We are proud of you Justin!