Montie Davis and MJ 2013 Texas State Ringman Champion (1)

Congratulations to our great friend Montie Davis of Keller, TX named the 2013 Texas State Champion Ringman at the 57th Texas Auctioneers Association Convention held June 29th in Fort Worth. He is a September 2004 Graduate of the Texas Auction Academy and Texas Workforce Commission Approved Representative of the school. Montie is an Auctioneer for The Davis Auction Group and full time Ringman for United Classic Auctioneers and is also serving as 1st Vice President of the Texas Auctioneers Association.

Dylan “Alabama” McGee

Dylan “Alabama” McGee

The Owners and Instructors of the Texas Auction Academy are deeply saddened to confirm today the passing of Richard Dylan “Big D” McGee, 19 of Albertville, Alabama on October 31, 2012. Dylan was a member of the 20th Anniversary TAA Graduation class. According to Alabama State Troopers and the Gadsden Times, Dylan was killed in a one car rollover accident near his hometown.

“Dylan was a bright light and spark of energy to his classmates and his passing is a huge shock to all of us and comes way to soon” said school owner Mike Jones, Adding, “our TAA family extends our sincere condolences to the McGee family” God Bless Dylan “Alabama” McGee, RIP.

Cheri Boots-Sutton is an unlikely superstar. But in the competitive, male-driven world of Texas auto auctions, this middle-aged grandmother of seven has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Jennifer Miller visits the auction house to find out why.

Author Jennifer Miller Photography Misty Keasler


Cheri Boots-Sutton is standing in a room roughly the size of an aircraft hangar, hollering in a hybrid of English and gobbledygook. “Thirty-three thousand!” she cries. “Kinigedabid?” (This translates, roughly, to “Can I get a bid?”) A gleaming white Mercedes rolls by. “Look at the color on that baby! Thirty-three now! Thirty-four! Kinigedabid!” It’s not the most elegant vocal performance ever, or even the most intelligible, but it’s effective. Boots-Sutton has moved nearly 300 luxury cars today.

We’re on the Mercedes line at Manheim Dallas–Fort Worth Auto Auction in Euless, Texas, one of two auction houses where the 46-year-old former restaurant manager plies her trade. She’s an attractive, well-turned-out woman, with perfectly manicured hands, chestnut hair and a taut energy. “Thirty-six thousand!” she demands between bursts of gibberish. “Come on, fellas! It’s not too late for Valentine’s Day!” Another car rolls off the lot.

Anyone who knows Boots-Sutton would not be surprised by her hot streak today. She’s been auctioning cars since the late 1980s, and is widely considered to be one of the best in the business. Her résumé lists a number of national and international awards, and there seems little doubt that she will one day be inducted into the National Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame (an institution that does not boast an overabundance of female honorees).

Boots-Sutton in full-on selling mode is a thing to see. She works the block six feet above the car lane, her manner flitting between amused, exasperated and totally deadpan as she belts out a spellbinding, rapid-fire mantra that makes even the casual bystander want to put in a bid. So renowned is Boots-Sutton’s vocal style that she teaches a course on how to do it, “Auction Chant 101,” which is consistently among the most popular classes at the Dallas-based Texas Auction Academy.

To a degree, Boots-Sutton’s ascent to the top of her field has coincided with a rise in the fortunes of the industry as a whole. Popular reality shows like “Auction Hunters” and “Storage Wars” have sparked interest in auctions, as has the faltering economy, which has made bargain hunting a necessity rather than a diversion. But auctioneers haven’t had it all good.

Not so long ago, before people realized they could bid on cars via the Internet, this hangar would have been packed with dealers. These days Boots-Sutton can have as many as 150 people bidding online and as few as 10 standing in front of her. As she points out, powers of enchantment and showmanship don’t count for much when the primary means of communication is a clicked icon.

“Auctioneering,” she says, “is kind of a dying art.”

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Wendy Lambert, BASFORT WORTH, TX – A new Texas State Champion Auctioneer was crowned June 29th in Fort Worth ironically on Championship Parkway across from Texas Motor Speedway. Wendy Lambert of Coppell, Texas earned a coveted spot on the roster of champion auctioneers as she was named the 2013 Texas State Champion Auctioneer at the 57th Annual Texas Auctioneers Association (TAA) Convention held at the Marriott Hotel and Golf Club at Champions Circle.

Lambert, a native of Fort Worth has been involved in the auction industry for over 20 years and operates a division of Lambert Auction Company specializing in benefit and fund-raising auctions and holds the Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). Wendy comes from an auction family, her husband Doak won the title in 1989, coincidentally, also in Fort Worth. She will compete again later this month at the International Auctioneers Championship (IAC) held in conjunction with the NAA Conference & Show, July 19th in Indianapolis. Lambert took second runner at the 2010 IAC event.

“Admired and respected by her peers, Wendy’s positive attitude, engaging personality, and knowledge of the auction industry will represent the TAA well” says Mike Jones, owner and President of the Texas Auction Academy in Dallas where Wendy attended auctioneering school. Adding, “we are very proud, but not surprised at Wendy’s accomplishment and consider her a real asset to the auction community”. When asked about her win, she said, “It feels like I have been given the highest compliment, ever, by my peers. That, I will always carry in my heart.”

Other TAA contest winners included Montie Davis, Keller, TX, Texas State Champion Ringman, Kyle Dykes, Killeen, TX, Texas State Rookie Champion Auctioneer and Ernie Croucher, Richmond, TX, Texas State Senior Champion Auctioneer.

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With the change in Texas Law (HB 3038) now in effect, we have added an August class at the Texas Auction Academy especially to accommodate current Texas Associate Auctioneers. Aug. 23-30th – Enrollment is limited to former Texas Associate Auctioneer licensees, individuals contracting and taking auction consignments and those directly affected by TX House Bill 3038.

If you currently are a Texas Associate Auctioneer, please fill out the Enrollment Form and send it via email to or via fax at 972-387-2597. Please note your Associate Auctioneers number on the form in the space provided.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Texas Governor Rick Perry signed HB 3038 last Friday night, June 14th, 2013.

House Bill 3038 is the most sweeping, most comprehensive reform of the Texas Auctioneer law since its inception in 1978. This law will regulate all auctions no matter the method of competitive bid process that is utilized in the marketing of the sale. Additionally, like the real estate law everyone who offers auction services, negotiates a contract or executes an auction contract must have a license.

HB 3038 has been recognized as the most comprehensive and auctioneer friendly law in the nation. The TAA legislative committee worked tirelessly to get HB 3038 passed in less than 6 months which is considered miraculous in legislative terms. Most bills like HB 3038 take about three legislative sessions. The original Auctioneer law took 10 years and became law in 1978.

The new law will take effect July 5th, 2013. Special presentations of HB 3038 and its content will take place at the annual TAA Convention in Ft. Worth June 27-29.

My sincere compliments to TAA President Brent Graves and our entire Legislative Committee for their tireless efforts to make this happen. A special thank you to our Lobbyist Sid Miller, State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson (R) Waco and State Senator John J. Carona (R) Dallas who led the effort in Austin to pass this new important law.

If you are involved in your State Licensing department or a member of your State Auctioneering Licensing board, please notify them of this new law.

~ Mike Jones
Texas Auctioneers Association
Legislative Committee Chairman

Congratulations 2013 World Champion Auto Auctioneer Trey Gallaway

Congratulations 2013 World Champion Auto Auctioneer Trey Gallaway. Trey is a 1998 Texas Auction Academy graduate.

The 2013 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship was held at Alliance Auto Auction in Waco Texas April 5, 2013. Contestants numbered 89 total in 3 divisions ( 48 auctioneers, 25 ring people, 16 teams).

-Trey Gallaway of Belton, Texas was named 2013 World Automobile Champion Auctioneer. He received $5000 prize money, a beautiful 3 tier championship trophy & champion’s diamond ring

– Bradley O’Leary, was named the 2013 World Automobile Champion Ringman. He received $2500 prize money and championship trophy

– Bill Zobel (Auctioneer) & Christine Strobietto (Ringwoman) won the 2013 World Automobile Auctioneer Team Championship. They received $5000 prize money and championship trophy each.

– Championship Judges included Mike Jones Pres. of Texas Auction Academy and United Country Auction Services, JJ Dower, Pres. National Auctioneers Assn, ADESA Pres. Tom Caruso, Manheim Pres. Sandy Schwartz, ServNet Pres. R. Charles Nichols, Manheim Dallas Gen. Mgr. Barry Roop, National Auto Auction Assn. Pres. Elect Jack Neshe, Angela Crooke America’s Auto Auction Exec., 1998 World Champion Kevin McGolthlen, BB&T Executive VP Keith Vegors, Exeter Finance Mike Bohannon & Mid America Pres. Ron Christianson.

– The Championship was dedicated to 1994 World Champion Automobile Auctioneer Gene Radcliffe, considered the finest auto auctioneer of his era. Gene was honored for his lifetime of service to the auto auction industry and auctioneer profession. He has sold over 9400 auctions and flown 4.5 million miles in his career.

Texas Auctioneers Assn. provided bottled water for all contestants and attendees. It was much appreciated by everyone.

Trey Gallaway 13 World Champion Auto Auctioneer Champ 04052013– WAAC President Paul C. Behr states ” The competition this year was as fierce & close as ever. The finest auto auctioneers and ring people brought their best and it showed”

Each contestant, former champions and judges were presented with a United States double eagle silver coin made of .999 pure silver commemorating this year’s WAAC 25th Silver Anniversary. Over 112,000 viewers tuned in on and to watch the championship.

Doug Turnau Selling Coins for 500 plus 1000

Student Doug Turnau of San Antonio sells his TAA class coins for $500 and adds a $1000 dollar cash donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and TX Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital during the Feb 2013 TAA Class Fun Auction.

The February graduating class of the Texas Auction Academy did something few believed possible. Thirty nine students from across the United States raised $32,493 for a group of charities including St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Texas Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital, National Auctioneers Association Auxiliary and Fellowship of Christian Auctioneers International during their class fun auction held Friday, February 15th near Dallas.

The previous school benefit auction record of $30,632.50 was set by the September 2009 class and included many bed and breakfast and condo stays donated by school graduate Matt Wiggins of Kemah, Texas. At the time, Wiggins said, “I want to set a record that can never be broken”.

According to a class spokesman, they had no thoughts about going for the record, but after they realized they were within $2000, they decided to make it happen. Not only did they break the record, they blew past it raising an additional $1866 for four great charities. “Our school strongly promotes giving back to the community and this incredible group really took it to heart and oh my, what a blessing to our charities” said school owner Mike Jones.

The altruistic group not only donated the items sold but also purchased them as well. Additional items were donated by the schools owners and instructors of Texas Auction Academy and the organizations benefiting from the auction.

Auction highlights included two original cast autographed Storage Wars Texas posters donated by the show’s auctioneer and TAA graduate Walt Cade that fetched $2800, Wine basket w dinner at III Forks $1500, Herman Miller Aeron Chair $700, a Hill Country Golf package and Auction flag autographed by the class both sold for $500 each.

The February class found unique ways to increase their gross auction sale by purchasing a St. Jude backpack and donating it back six times bringing in almost $700 and auctioning off coins given by instructors during the class for great questions or ideas that brought in an additional $1970. Classmate Milton Daily who produces a television hunting show agreed to produce a video of the class and the proceeds from his idea brought in another $1365.

The class also purchased prints of a painting by Artist Joani C. Mangold that celebrates auctioneers and the auctioneering way of life entitled “Unsung Heroes” that brought in $4625 benefiting the National Auctioneers Auxiliary Educational Scholarship program. “I am simply in awe of this group, this is the most we have ever raised for scholarships in one school auction” exclaimed a jubilant Lori Jones, School Administrator and NAA Auxiliary board member. The Fellowship of Christian Auctioneers International will also receive $1125 from the event. The benefit fun auction is one of the highlights of the nine day school.


The Texas Auction Academy is a nationally recognized auctioneer training school established in 1992. The school is owned and operated by auction industry leaders, champion auctioneers and Hall of Fame members. The nine day school is Texas Workforce Commission Approved with classes limited to forty students. Students learn about all types of auctions including real estate, automobiles, livestock, commercial liquidations, benefit auctions and technology, salesmanship and the auctioneers chant. The school is accepting enrollments for the June and November classes now. The Texas Auction Academy has many strategic alliances including United Country Real Estate. To enroll today or learn more, go to or email the TAA Administrator Lori Jones at

The Texas Auction Academy is a proud supporter of the National and Texas Auctioneers Associations, the National Auctioneers Foundation and the NAA Auxiliary.